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Customer Feedback

Here in Sierra Leone it was a pleasure to work with Edward. Edward trained staff in the use of firefighting equipment and fire blankets. The staff were very happy and boasted about the training they had been given - and what they would do in the event of a fire, no matter how big or small. Staff trained were given a certificate on completing the training. I would have no hesitation in contacting Edward for any advice on any issues I had with firefighting. His knowledge is vast and can be of great benefit to any company making use of his services. He is reliable, always gives feedback and follows up on any problem.
Samantha Gordon
Project Manager - ATS

Customer Feedback

Edward Kleinhans worked as an Emergency Manager for me for a period of 9 months. Edward was instrumental in setting up the rescue teams, fire fighting capabilities and equipment, emergency plans and equipping our emergency response vehicles. During this time I found Edward to be very competent, always willing to go the extra mile and a very good team player.
GK Dixon
General Manager - HSE

Customer Feedback

I had the pleasure of meeting and occasionally working alongside Edward Kleinhans, whilst we were both working at the London Mining mine site, at Marampa, Sierra Leone. He was responsible for recommending, implementing and maintaining some Emergency Planning for Fire and General Emergency response, equipment and systems at the facilities there. He spent this time as a resident at the mine site, and showed a lot of expertise on this subject. He demonstrated a professional and well thought out strategy and audit schedule for the situations at the Mine and its accommodations. This was for both local as well as expat labour resources. I found him a pleasure to deal with, very thorough, responsible and likeable; and can recommend him without reservation.
SW Shipley PrEng MBA
MD Europe, Africa and Asia

Customer Feedback

Edward Kleinhans was employed by me in the capacity of Chief Fire and Emergency Officer on a large opencast copper mine in the southern DRC in 2012 and 2013 and reported directly to myself as Head of the SHEQ Department.
During that time I found Edward to be a willing and highly motivated individual, a self-starter who is confident in his knowledge of his specialist functions and his ability to make the necessary decisions to perform his duties to the required level. Additionally, Edward was always willing to assist with the other functions in the Department (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) and would often respond to incidents and assist even though his particular skills were not directly required.
He proved a popular member of both the Department and the Emergency Response Team structure and in my opinion his enthusiasm and commitment contributed enormously to the successful up-skilling and improved morale of the volunteer responders achieved during his tenure.
I would not hesitate to employ Edward again should the need / opportunity arise and would recommend him to anyone who might have need of his skills and expertise.
Paul Wainwright
SHEQ Specialist

Customer Feedback

I have worked with Edward Kleinhans at Bisha Mining Gold, Copper and Zinc Project.
During this period Edward has worked as Emergency Response Supervisor for the Department of Safety & Health with the responsibility of responding to all the emergency cases to a higher standard, provide relevant training to the Emergency Response Team, develop and implement the Emergency Response Plan etc…
Edward has great self-discipline and has a very strict approach towards his work, and sub-ordinates.  He is highly qualified, very well organized, proactive, and energetic.
All employees in the workplace respect his role, duties, responsibilities and functions.  He needs to work with people who share the same interests concerning his job.
He is a good motivator, and likes a job to be done properly and do not like sloppy work.
He has the tenacity to drive a project through to completion.  He does not have a problem with authority and follows direction and company policy to the letter.
Edward is well trained and has an excellent knowledge of his job and a broad general knowledge.
He is well mannered and has a pleasant personality at work.  He is self-motivated and requires good order.  His job is his passion.  The well-being of people and machine has been his biggest motivation.
Edward has always performed his duties in a cheerful, highly conscientious and professional manner and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any future client.
Yacob Keleta
Safety & Health Manager
Bisha Mining Share Company

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Escapeaid manufactures original cabinets for your fire and medical requirements. All cabinets are manufactured according to relevant legislation and guidelines. We also manufacture cabinets according to client specification. Cabinets include, but not limited to: fire equipment storage, medical storage, drug storage, extinguishers, mobile cabinets, first aid boxes, brackets, etc.

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