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Customer Feedback

I had the pleasure of meeting and occasionally working alongside Edward Kleinhans, whilst we were both working at the London Mining mine site, at Marampa, Sierra Leone. He was responsible for recommending, implementing and maintaining some Emergency Planning for Fire and General Emergency response, equipment and systems at the facilities there. He spent this time as a resident at the mine site, and showed a lot of expertise on this subject. He demonstrated a professional and well thought out strategy and audit schedule for the situations at the Mine and its accommodations. This was for both local as well as expat labour resources. I found him a pleasure to deal with, very thorough, responsible and likeable; and can recommend him without reservation.
SW Shipley PrEng MBA
MD Europe, Africa and Asia

SERVICES Emergency Services & Safety Management

We currently conduct business from South Africa, our client base is within Africa, Europe and Asia. Our core business include

  • Emergency Services & Safety Management
  • Consultancy
  • Audits and Assessments
  • Placement and  Providing Professional Staff
  • Equipment & Training

We have experience working with designers on technical issues, working in a review capacity, participating in construction management, and preparing and delivering training and educational classes and seminars. We tailor our services to meet our Clients’ needs in our area of focus. While every project is unique, the following list identifies typical services offered:

  • Establishing an Emergency service/department/section
  • Management of Safety Department and Emergency Services
  • Workplace safety plan design and implementation
  • Fire management and prevention plans
  • Emergency Response planning and procedures
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Evacuation route plan drawings
  • Fire/Safety Risk assessments and analysis
  • Fire/Safety Inspections & Audits
  • Advice on various aspects within the emergency and safety field – includes disaster management, rescue, fire, medical, safety and recovery processes
  • Training – refer to our training page
  • Recruiting and placement of professional staff – Safety Officers/Advisors, Fire Fighters, Rescue personnel, Paramedics, Emergency and Safety managers. We could also manage these staff if there is a requirement for this.
  • Develop and implementation of  Standard policies
  • Assist with ensuring compliance to National or International Legislation and Guidelines.
  • Medical and Support services at events
  • Equipment – Refer to our equipment page